The Travelling Badge Machine

Prices whilst travelling

Badge – £1

Bottle opener keyring – £3

Pocket mirror – £3

Bulk Prices

2-10 badges – 0.75

10-20 badges – 0.50

2-10 mirrors or keyrings – £2.50

10-20 mirrors or keyrings – £2

Custom orders which require printing an image

NB Can be all the same, or different images

Prices do not include postage

1 badge – £2

2-10 – £1.75 an item

10-15 – £1.50 an item

15-20 – £1 an item

1 pocket mirror or bottle opener keyring – £4

2-10 – £3 an item

10-15 – £2.50 an item

15-20 – £2 an item

(NB If you wish to order more than one item, and can provide the printed images, the prices are the same as whilst travelling)

Please note: I do not accept custom orders above 20 – if you want items in this volume might I suggest

What is the Travelling Badge Machine?

A couple of months ago, I wanted a set of 4 different badges. I couldn’t find anyone local who would make such a short run of badges for me at a decent price, so I bought a badge machine.

There’s something about badge machines – not only do they fascinate children, they bring out the child in adults. As long as you have something on a piece of paper, it can be a badge (or a pocket mirror, keyring, whatever!)

Because of this, I decided to start travelling around with my badge machine, and using it to encourage creativity in adults. People bring me pictures, favourite adverts and labels, book pages and so on, and I make them into something to keep. I have alphabet stamps and coloured inks, so even if they only have plain paper, they can make a slogan. I even have a box of circles ready to make into something if they haven’t brought anything with them.

I have a cafe or event, will you come along?

Of course! Each week I try and find a new venue to take the machine. That morning, I share my location on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with a 2 hour slot, so that people can find me with their images. I won’t get in the way, and will always buy a drink and food – hopefully my customers will also buy something!

If you’d like for me to bring my badge machine to your party, festival, house, fair, pub, WHATEVER, then please get in touch by one of the following methods, and I’ll see what I can do – I’m always up for new things.

If you want to follow me tweeting at @peskychloe, you can check the latest venue and see who I’m making badges for.

You can also see what other people are making by checking #travellingbadge on twitter or instagram

If you can’t make it to the venue, have a look on the website for some ready made badges and other items, or to plan what you might want for when I come near you


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