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The book project – decorations and leftovers

20 Sep

This is the post for stuff which I experimented with, played with, or doesn’t really serve a purpose as a saleable item – but I hope it gives you ideas

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The book project – homewares

19 Sep

This is the shortest one, but hopefully will show you that you can use books in LOADS of places in your home

bash frame 6

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The book project – stationery

18 Sep

Books lend themselves to stationery very well, of course, as they’re already paper

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The book project – jewellery and boxes

17 Sep

This is probably going to be the longest post, so I did it first!

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The Book Project – introduction

16 Sep

repurposed books

For more information on making the items shown, please see these posts – they’ll be appearring throughout the week

Jewellery and boxes




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