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Friday Funtimes

20 Jul

Here we are just two days later, and here’s another blogpost! Wowzers. All blogs need a regular Friday feature don’t they? Maybe… But this week has been a bit of a bummer at Pesky HQ, as I’ve been laid up with the monster of migraines! Fortunately, I have an iPad (I know, this lucky girl got one as an anniversary present for 10 years of marriage!) – so I could carry on tweeting, taking photos, and looking at stuff on Netflix. Here’s a run down of what I’ve been doing this week. Luckily, it’s an average week, and you’ll get to learn a bit more about me (if you don’t already know me).

1. I’ve been reading all the blog posts about Plus North

They’ve been dribbling in all week, and I cannot possibly choose one I like the best! Have a peak at the Plus North twitter account, they retweet all the articles.

Here’s a great photo which sums it all up though – the organisers, Toni and Becky

Photograph Courtesy of Janie Britton

2. I’ve been wondering if cats have eyelashes

I’m peskychloe on Instagram as well, and even though I don’t have to, I limit myself to only using my iPhone and apps which cost less than £2.99. This is my favourite combination

Camera+ – crop to square, clarity and vibrance on highest ->PhotoToaster – sharpen and clarify ->Instagram – Brannan filter

The colours are washed out by the brannan filter, but it keeps the amazing depths of colours afforded by the ‘double vibrancy’.

This photo can introduce you to two very important aspects of my life. I took it to try and prove to Ibbs (my husband) that cats have eyelashes, as he just won’t agree with me. I chose to photograph Tiddles (one of my cats) because she’s daft and always sits on me.

3. I’ve been watching my new tattoo heal

This is just after freshly being tattooed. I worked in The Ink Station, in Heckmondwike, for a few months – I met Kim at college, and when she set up her own studio (before she turned 21 by the way) she needed some help at the beginning on reception. Ever since then, I always go to her and her apprentice, Nini (who did this bee). The bee itself is a drawing of a honey bee I did last summer when I started making jewellery as ‘Apis Mellifera’

4. I drew a poster for the Bird’s Yard birthday party, and carried on doing my bit to help organise it

This was drawn using GIMP, an open source photo editing package (i.e. it’s free) – it’s the pencil tool on one layer, then another layer using airbrushing for the colours in the parrot and her hair. The logo is by someone else, and already has the other bird on it. The splodgy bits (for movement) are free splatter brushes I downloaded and added to the package. I added wording on another layer (so I can keep changing it!) I chose a woman with two birds because it’s our second birthday party. It’s meant to represent the transtition from the peaceful bird (on her left as you look at it) which we’ve had since we opened, to the slightly more flamboyant bird on her other shoulder. I played around with phrases such as ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ and ‘kill two birds with one stone’ – but in the end went with this. It’s got some good feedback, so I’m happy.

If you want to come, there’s a link to our event here

5. We got a new supplier in the shop

Even from my sickbed, I found myself a new jewellery supplier for my shop. The wonderful Me & Zena have agreed to let me stock their items, and I’m so psyched!

Their jewellery is quirky, well-made, affordable and desirable – just exactly what we look for at Life’s Big Canvas!