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You can’t spoil a child with books

15 Nov

My mum always said this to my brother when he was having his first child, and thinking back to our childhood we were always surrounded by books. I used to read voraciously, and even though I don’t read fiction much any more, I always like books; art books, instructional books, children’s books.

The other day talking to Lola from Leeds Love Affair, I said ‘you can’t spoil a child with books’ and it reminded me I’ve been meaning to draw it. I was really pleased with the outcome, and after it was shared so many times on Wednesday, I decided to offer it as a colouring in page.

So here it is!


It’s hosted on flickr – if you right click and save as on this page, it’ll be smaller than if you follow this link and then right click/save.

It’s not a perfect black and white image, but that’s because I’m giving it away free for you to print off and give to your children to colour in, or for you to colour yourself (and it also reminds you that life isn’t perfect). I’ll be colouring it myself, scanning it properly, and offering it for sale as a colour print/card. If the image isn’t big enough for you to print and you’d like to use it for a workshop, class or other teaching environment, let me know and I’ll email the original to you.