Two weeks of cold turkey

10 Oct

Just a quick update as it’s World Mental Health Day

I saw my GP and was a bit disappointed in him. He asked me if I wanted to lower my dose any more, even though I’m not on anything, and asked if I wanted more ‘happy pills’ – I’m sure in my last post I said that ADs aren’t happy pills, so why is my doctor calling them that?

He also started talking about my weight, and how if I’m going to lose weight, I need to eat less. Not only would this be patronising to anyone, I found it particularly bad because I have a well documented history of eating disorders on my medical history at my surgery, and I told him last time that I didn’t want to lose weight thank you, just be healthier, and I didn’t believe that the two things were necessarily one and the same thing. I also said that I’d like to just get my withdrawal over and done with without even considering weightloss, as in I can eat what I want as long as I don’t kill myself – better fat than dead.

Now is when I usually go into stubborn mood, and prove that I can lose 3 stone, or prove that I’m not listening to him by gaining even more weight – I’m determined this won’t happen, and I’ll just become fitter by getting on the rowing machine… should my aching bones allow it.

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