What’s the brouhaha, Pesky?

6 Oct

By Sarah Fordham of Magasin


I’ve been busy trying to get my life into some sort of order since not having a shop.  I thought about what was important to me, and what wasn’t.


Encouraging people to be creative as a hobby and path to happiness.

Encouraging creativity as a way to help people with mental health difficulties.

Making people not feel stupid for being playful and silly

Getting experience teaching

Keeping interracting with people


Making a lot of money

Having people know who I am

Getting terribly worked up about anything which is stupid

I started looking around for things I wanted to do. Very quickly, I was told about Inkwell, and fell a bit in love with the whole idea, so much so, I became incredibly nervous because it mattered so much. I then went to see them eventually, and fell in love with them all so much I got even more nervous about starting to volunteer. Since I agreed to volunteer, I’ve been once – I really want to go more, because I enjoyed it A LOT and I can only assume I’m so nervous about going because of my meds and because GOD DAMN IT it matters to me. I still have a project to do for fundraising with them, which I don’t want to spoil just yet.

Around a similar time, I went to meet Loubie at Town Street Hub, and got myself involved in helping at a life drawing club – we didn’t have much attendance, but heck, I enjoyed the teaching bit. Now they’ve started a ‘chill and craft’ cafe on a Friday, so I’m going to start going. They actually asked me to go along and take the badge machine – the #travellingbadge is finally getting somewhere I think…. I’m even going to have craft kits and supplies on sale there

I also finally went to Handpicked Hall – I hadn’t been because of REASONS but I’m glad I finally did as I now have some stock there, and so am working there every Wednesday, either in the Bob-IN section, or as the #travellingbadge. This means I’m now in town once a week for meeting people who want to buy things, which was something I was badly missing before.

Finally, Kim is redoing my website so that the blog and the shop section etc are all in once place to better integrate the teaching/encouraging side of what I’m currently doing, as well as the selling of things I’ve crafted and drawn. Kim is an old friend, and knows me backwards, so everything she’s suggesting is hitting all my hot spots. The best thing is I should be able to eventually offer downloadable content for sale, and I’m definitely having a calendar because I’m confused myself.

So here you go, this is October

  • Wednesday 9th – 11-6 – Bob-in at Handpicked Hall
  • Thursday 10th – 3-5 – Craft Cafe at Inkwell – £3 entry (and you keep what you make)
  • Friday 11th – 11-2 – Chill and Craft at Town Street Hub
  • Saturday 12th – 1-5 – Fat Clothes Swap at Sheffield Hallam Union Hub – £1 entry – see below
  • Wednesday 16th – 11-6 – #travellingbadge at Handpicked Hall
  • Thursday 17th- 3-5 – Craft Cafe at Inkwell – £3 entry
  • Friday 18th- 11-2 – Chill and Craft at Town Street Hub
  • Saturday 19th – 10-1 – Indoor car boot at St Gemma’s Hospice – entry by donation
  • Wednesday 23rd- 11-6 – Bob-in at Handpicked Hall
  • Thursday 24th- 3-5 – Craft Cafe at Inkwell – £3 entry
  • Friday 25th- 11-2 – Chill and Craft at Town Street Hub
  • Wednesday 30th – TBC
  • Thursday 31st- 3-5 – Craft Cafe at Inkwell – £3 entry


NB You can buy a selection of my finished items from the Bob-in, and craft kits and supplies from Town Street Hub even when I’m not here

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