The book project – decorations and leftovers

20 Sep

This is the post for stuff which I experimented with, played with, or doesn’t really serve a purpose as a saleable item – but I hope it gives you ideas

bash fan 2

Book Bursts

I found these in a book my friend let me borrow, and it seemed perfect for the leftover bits! It wasn’t thick enough for a whole burst, so I made these half bursts, and attached it to a foam base so it stands up.

I can’t find a tutorial online, and I don’t want to write one for someone’s else’s project, so all I’ll say is you take a book (without cover but still with spine intact), cut into 4 pieces, and then alternately fold in half or quarters, then glue it back to back.

bash fan

I thought this might make a good letter holder maybe?

Paper chains

There’s nothing easier than just cutting strips of leftover paper, and joining them into a chain.

bash chain

All sorts of uses for decorating the house


bash stars

Folded stars will make good Christmas tree decorations

These are so easy to make, I made them with my niece, and she caught on very quickly.┬áIt’s basically five sheets of paper folded into a squash fold square like this, and then glued together into a star shape, with a ribbon glued inbetween two of them for hanging.

bash star 2

Cheap, easy to make – will look great hung in groups

Punched shapes

Finally, all the tiny pieces of paper leftover – I punch big circles and little hearts out of them, and use them for confetti. People use this stuff for all sorts of projects, and I’m happy to provide it for them! The bag toppers are (obviously) also made from pages from the book, and means I remember which book I used for the confetti if anyone asks.

Tiny hearts, good for table decorations

Tiny hearts, good for table decorations

Bigger circles, can be used for collage projects, decoupage, or just bigger confetti

Bigger circles, can be used for collage projects, decoupage, or just bigger confetti

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