The book project – homewares

19 Sep

This is the shortest one, but hopefully will show you that you can use books in LOADS of places in your home

bash frame 6

Picture frames

These ready made picture frames are perfect for, once again, using decoupage to decorate. The backs are painted in chalk paint again, and I’ve used an old flyer to show where the picture would sit.

bash frame 3

The frames are available in three shapes of aperture

bash frame 1

You could do this on literally ANY frame if you have the right glue

This is just what I covered with this book, but you can literally cover ANYTHING. The mirror in my shop used to have Spiderman comics stuck on, and everyone who came in thought it was amazing and asked how it was made.

Pinterest is a great resource for what to use to decoupage on different surfaces, and ideas of what you can decoupage. It doesn’t have to be a special item, although if you’d like a special shape to cover, have a look at Yellow Moon, or searching for Decopatch on eBay.

Framed pictures

Again, this is a simple idea, but it can be used with any image you really like in a book. Mounting an image is easier than it looks – if you have the right tools, you can cut your own mounts, or just buy ready cut mounts. My favourite seller is this one on Amazon, as they sell packs of mounts, backing card and bags to put them in (ready for sale) – but there’s no need to do this if you’re just mounting for your own use. Any image stuck to the back of a mount like this will look the business when framed!

bash mount

I usually buy the frame, backing and cello bag all in one go in bulk, but if it’s just for you, just buy mounts!

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