The book project – stationery

18 Sep

Books lend themselves to stationery very well, of course, as they’re already paper

bash another 2Envelopes

I’ve been making envelopes since I was about 15. I don’t have as much use for them any more (I had loads of penpals as a teenager) I still like to make them for storing things, or using to sell things in. There are loads of ways to make them, but this is the tutorial closest to how I make mine.

bash envelopes

Envelopes – an easy project, with loads of uses

Greeting cards

I’ve also been making cards for about 20 years, on and off. I used to just stick an image on a folded bit of card, and add a recycled envelope, but now I sell them, I buy ready folded cards with apertures cut into them because it’s quicker and looks more professional than if I cut my own card. I also stamp the back with my logo, and put them into cello bags.


As well as a badge machine, I also treated myself to a Bind-it-all – I’ve wanted a binding machine for many years, and finally saw a tutorial and found out about this wonderful machine which punches 6 holes in anything, and also provides a closing surface for wire spirals. I’ve been using it to recycle all the old book covers I had left, and have finally got them to the stage where I believe they’re good enough to go on sale!

bash spiral

I use 2 rows of 6 on long books as it makes it more balanced, both visually, and when using it.

bash spiral 2

Original pages have been left in for interest

The other way I’ve been using this machine is to create mixed media notebooks. This one has old mount card for covers, and uses sketching paper, graph paper, covers of used sketch books and some pages from the annual.

bash another

I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this headline inside!

bash another 3

Mixed paper types and sizes look ok as long as they all fit inside the cover

Decoupage sketchbook

If you don’t have a binding machine, and don’t have time to learn book binding, then you can always just decoupage an exisiting sketchbook. I was given this book by Amy, and loved the gingham edge to the pages. I just covered the front in pieces of the annual, and then mounted a full frame from the book onto a piece of foam, which was then mounted on the book.

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