The book project – jewellery and boxes

17 Sep

This is probably going to be the longest post, so I did it first!

bash walt 2

The badge machine 

First, and obviously, I used my badge machine to make some things. I chose titles of the stories for some badges, as well a bottle opener and a pocket mirror. I cut some other circles to pop into my box for travelling as well

bash badges

Simply badges – a circle cut and made into a badge with the machine


Here’s a pocket mirror – I used a ‘hair’ story for this one

This bottle opener was made using something I thought would make it a good stocking filler

Paper Beads

I posted the tutorial the other day as learnt from Amy of Red Paper House. I made a bag full with strips leftover from making origami squares (see later). I used them to make a necklace, and a bracelet.

bash beads bash beads 3

This necklace was made by using a leather thong necklace I already had, and just threading the beads onto it, then finishing it off with a chain to make it longer, and also to keep on the beads.

bash bracelet bash brace 3

The bracelet was made with a wire base, with added beads, and finished with a chain and clasp, again to keep the beads on the wire.

As I had a couple of beads left, I used them to make matching earrings with more wire and beads.

bash earrings

These haven’t worked as well as the other items, but they were fun to make

Little Windows Resin

I have NEVER managed to make decent resin pieces, but I recently found something called Little Windows, so I used this opportunity to experiment with it. I used the square mold which came with the resin, and made up 3 squares each time, as 15ml of the resin is just the right amount for 3.

bash ring bash studs

The first pieces were far too thin, but it meant they might work as earrings, so I mounted them as a pair of earrings, and the other spare as a ring. They’re not perfect, but I’m happy-ish.

The second lot was much better, and I’ve turned all 3 into necklaces!

Scrabble tiles

The other way I like to use paper in jewellery is to mount images onto scrabble tiles, and cover them with a dome sticker. Rather than make another necklace, I made the 6 pieces into a bracelet, and tried to make it still tell the story as it did in the original comic.

You can make scrabble tile pendants by following this tutorial – or you can use epoxy stickers like I did

To make them into a bracelet, I screwed in screw eyes on either side of the tile, and then joined the eyes with jump rings.

bash walter

Scrabble tile bracelet

bash walt 2


bash walt 4

The back – I had to use a blank for the W

Origami boxes

The classic origami box made from comic pages looks great, as you will know if you’ve ever seen Kitschen Sink at a fair or bought anything online.  I wouldn’t normally use comic boxes, but as I’m only using this book, here’s what they looked like.  If you’d like to make one yourself, here’s a tutorial – I taught my 9 year old niece this weekend, so it’s really easy!

bash boxes 2

This box is called Masu, which means square wooden box. Make one slightly bigger for the lid.

I spent a lot of time folding these boxes for my lucky dips at the start of the year, and it’s still my favourite box. It’s harder, but the result is magical.

bash boxes 1

The box appears to be rectangular, but inside is a square! The flap can be tucked into the other side to close it

Decoupage boxes

Finally, scraps of paper leftover can of course be used to decoupage ready made boxes. I made these by painting the bottoms with Autentico chalk paint, and covered the top using the instructions here.

bash boxes 3

Be careful if decoupaging the bottom of tight fitting boxes

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