Ten Minute Sketching

26 Jul


This is Tiddles. She’s one of our cats, as you’ll know if you follow me on social media.

In the evenings, I watch films with my husband, and I doodle around on a sketchpad. Not every sketch is great. I think this is one of the reasons people don’t like to try and draw, because they think it’ll be rubbish. I’m sure I’m not in a minority of 90% of the stuff I draw never being shown online, let alone being scanned in and sold or used for anything.

sketchyI drew this of Tiddles in about 5 minutes while she sat there – I had to do it quickly, or she would have moved. I also took a photo, just in case she did. Which she did, that’s why her face and paw are so weird. Some of the orange is more pronounced because I was talking Ian through Tiddles’ noticeable markings.

I like this sketch the best out of all the other five minute sketches I did – I think I did 6 or 7 – so I worked it up into a finished sketch. I’m not trying to be patronising explaining this process by the way, I’m just talking you through my own creative process.

I read that a gallery somewhere are having an exhibition of postcard sized art for The Big Draw, so I decided to redraw it to fit inside a 4″ by 6″ rectangle. I forgot the theme was ‘Drawing Tomorrow’, but let’s forget that bit.


So this is the finished piece of artwork – it took me 30 minutes to do this one, but it took me 60 minutes to do all the previous sketches as well. Each one was similar, it was like my hand was practising the strokes I’d need to do in this finished one. Of course, I’ve already drawn Tiddles a lot, because she’s a willing model, so I know how her haunches are shaped, where her markings are, what shape her ears are. I realise this makes me sound ridiculous.

All in all I worked on this for 90 minutes – but I could have easily done a sketch in 5 minutes, on a lunch break. Every line on every page is practice, even if it doesn’t seem it at the time.

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