Lunchtime Creativity

24 Jun

I mentioned the other day about how you can fit creativity into small chunks of time by utilising smart phone apps. I’m a massive fan of Betty Lawless, and I worked with her on a photoshoot using iPhone apps only. Since then, I’m always looking for interesting photo editing apps, and use them to make my photos look more interesting.

Here’s my six favourite apps – I edited these photos all within an hour, so I make that about 10 minutes per finished edit. I’m not saying they’re amazing, I just enjoyed doing it, and it helps to make things look more interesting, and makes me see things differently.

It’s also an excuse to play with the wedding photos I took on Friday, as I want to print some coasters as a gift for the bride and groom 🙂


1. Auryn Cam – free on iTunes, available on Android


sketchy twins

This app has 26 ‘artistic’ effects, such as watercolour, pencil sketch and so on. They’re useful for editing pictures to then do something else to; I often use them to create things to paint and sketch in real life.

2. Tangled FX – £1.49 on iTunes, not available on Android yet

carswirly car

This is a really fascinating little app – tangled shows you the animation as it weaves your picture from the dark and light. There are a few effects available, and you can tweak them to be more or less changed. I could spend a while playing on this, just watching the picture change.

3. Blender – £1.99 on iTunes, not on Android, but try LittlePhoto instead


This is simply a photo blend app, but I use this one because it has a mask option – so in the above blend, I masked out the background behind me. This is a great app, very easy to use with a slider at the bottom so you can make one photo more prominent very quickly.

4. Percolator – £1.99, available on Android

us Brewed in Percolator

I have a bit of a soft spot for this app – I don’t really understand why it’s coffee based, but having different grinds (to make the circles bigger or smaller) and different milks which does *something* to the photos is a nice touch. Easy to use, nice effects, and again you see an animation of the image changing.

5. Deluxe FX – 69p on iTunes, unable to find on Android

jk jan and keith

If you only buy one, buy this – has loads of colour editing effects, as well as overlays and frames, and can turn your photos into really nice images, as well as cheesy nonsense (as above).

6. Decim8 – 69p on iTunes, also on Android


Instead of recreating old camera effects, this app recreates digital bit destruction. I didn’t know what to expect, but for 69p I’ve had more than my money’s worth. you can even save your own combinations – the one above is my own mixture of FOLD4RAP5 and 01RECTINE which I’ve named ‘trippy’

Optional extra – Mixing two or more apps

This is where the real fun happens.

clo ian lens

Image from Percolator, with a vintage lens effect from Deluxe FX

auryn mix

Blended image, put through Decim8 on AGENCY (I think)

So how about you? What’s your favourite photo editing app? Why not show me what you manage to do in 10 minutes over your lunch hour tomorrow? Tweet me at @peskychloe

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