12 Jun

I never do these, but I was so pleased with this skirt, I had to share it.

new photos 005

It’s from New Look and is now out of stock, which is why I was so pleased I went for it and bought it when I did. I always thought New Look fit small, but this is a 28 and fits perfectly. It’s pretty short, but I have leggings on, so who cares?

The t-shirt is from Curvissa, my new favourite place for basics. I’ve been disappointed with the delivery service, but not with the clothing. These tops fit really well, are long enough (I don’t often get long enough tops) and have a nice feel to them.

Finally, I’m wearing my Designosaur Lichtenstein heart necklace, which they gave me as a gift as a thank you for supporting them in my shop. I saw them when they started, and knew I had to give them space!

I’m also in my shop in the photo above – I know I’m going to miss it when it’s gone, so I want to take photos while I have it. You can see stuff there from Designosaur, as well as The Monster Project, Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes, Fox Bunting as well as some stationery I imported from Korea.

One Response to “OOTD”

  1. That skirt would almost (almost) convince me to start wearing skirts. It’s gorgeous.

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