Fish Food – Decoupage

27 May

For the first in this series, I’m going to suggest you try decoupage if you haven’t already. It’s easy to learn, as we mostly all do it at school, but has many uses.

All you need for decoupage is

  • thin paper – tissue paper is brilliant, but often unprinted
  • glue – the best is something specifically made for decoupage, but watered down PVA is just as good
  • old brushes
  • something to cover

I highly recommend Yellow Moon for their decoupage supplies – they have cheap brushes, deco patch glue and best of all deco patch paper, which is bright, very thin and the colour doesn’t run – see their website for more details

1. cover a surface in newspaper, or better yet greasepoof paper, and make sure you’re wearing stuff you don’t mind getting glue on
2. rip up some of your paper ready,so you feel slightly more like an adult as you’re being prepared

3. put your item on the paper. Choose something interesting or useful. I’ve chosen a dinosaur money box, which I can use as a gift for someone. You don’t have to think about the end product though, that isn’t what this is about

4. stick your brush in the glue and slather it on your item

5.put the paper all over the glue, without worrying about whether it matches or looks right


6. slather glue over the top as well. If you’ve got the right sort of paper and glue the colours won’t run and it’ll dry clear. If the colour runs or it doesn’t dry clear, who cares?

7. enjoy rubbing over the paper to ensure it goes into the shape of the item. Remember, don’t worry about your hands getting glue on them, just make sure it’s non toxic glue or don’t put your fingers in your mouth

8. there’s no better feeling than peeling dry glue off your fingers so be sure to enjoy this while your item dries

9. Once it’s done, admire it and think of the fun you had making it. If anyone says it looks like a four year old made it, remember that’s a compliment, because everyone congratulates four year olds on everything they make.

10. Keep doing it until you don’t enjoy it any more


2 Responses to “Fish Food – Decoupage”


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