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iPhone only photo shoot

15 Nov

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while and I must apologise to the wonderful Betty Lawless for not doing so yet.

I saw Betty’s photos on Instagram and fell in love. It took a while for me to realise it was actually someone I knew as Betty is a kind of pseudonym for Lizzie Coombes. Betty likes light, vintage, colour… She has a great eye, and ‘bettification’ should be added to the dictionary.

I wanted to do a shoot with her, so we decided to make it an iPhone only shoot to show how good photos can be just using the iPhone camera and apps. Betty didn’t use a ‘real camera’ and all editing is done on Apple apps. She’s kept her secret to bettification from everyone, even me, but I’d like to recommend Photo Toaster as a starting point.

We used locations around Bird’s Yard to showcase the shop as well as my felt pocket necklaces. Whilst they can’t be used to sell on Asos and don’t particularly show the necklaces in that much detail, I still love these photos. I usually hate photos of myself but I can live with these.


Playing cards in the tearoom


In my shop


In Homeys


Outside the gates


In our hallway (this is my favourite)


Handmade Christmas

8 Nov

This year, once again, I’m trying to buy all my gifts from local designers and makers, or at least independent shops – for example, I’ll be getting any books or DVDs from independent shops rather than Amazon where I can, and have already commissioned a few special items.

We also bought a few t-shirts from Threadless, which raised a few questions. Is this buying from the designer, or a corporate? If I’m buying a t-shirt, I’d rather get it from Threadless than Primark, but is it really independent? Then we realised some of the gifts we’d bought from an independent toy shop are actually made in China and bought in.

So once again me trying to do something good has become a massive headache as I try and work out the parameters that no one but myself has set. It can be hard work being so hard on yourself.