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22 Oct

I’ve been trying to live better for a few weeks now. I’ve managed on the not smoking – apart from the occasional social cigarette, I’ve not seriously smoked in weeks. I’ve tried to be better at remembering my medication, and apart from three days where I tried not to take it, I’ve been good. I’ve also kept up with eating three times a day, and really trying to eat the right things.

However, I’m still drinking too much – I think this might be worse since I stopped smoking. I don’t really know why I just *have* to have a vice. Next thing to be dealt with, but perhaps in the new year.


Flo Nightingale RSPCA sale

5 Oct

I’ve very kindly been donated 7 bottle necklaces by Flo Nightingale jewellery to sell in aid of the RSPCA

The bottles are shown here – they’re bigger than your average bottle necklaces, and have charms hanging from the bottom of the cork, and coloured beads shaking around inside. They come on a 20″ long chain, which is slightly longer than average, and perfect for the style of pendant. Each one usually retails at £13

They’re offered here at £7 each, and will come BOXED – donation of £10 per necklace, £3 will cover postage and paypal fees, and £7 will go to the RSPCA.



Big Ben –

Old fashioned Fan –

Vampire Teeth –


Cross –

Wing –


Spanner –

Rollerskate –

Frozen fruit

4 Oct

Just a quickie – as you know I’ve been trying to live better. It’s working so far, I do feel pretty good at the minute, regular migraines aside.

One thing which has made this very easy is frozen chopped fruit from Ocado. They’re smoothie mixes, so I’ve been whizzing up a handful with apple juice for a smoothie, but they’re also good for a sweet toothed treat.

Just get a yoghurt and a handful of frozen fruit, blend them together, and it’s instant frozen yoghurt! Nice and sharp, tangy, and nothing rubbish in it. I have to admit I added honey last night as the yoghurt I used was cranberry flavour and it was a little too sharp!

So these bags of smoothie mix are two for £4, and the apple juice was 3 cartons for £3 – this has lasted me all week, with apple juice left to spare. That’s having a large smoothie every day – Pretty good value when you consider how much innocent smoothies are.