Small Victories

15 Sep

Today I woke up to an email which freaked me out. It made me want to stay in bed.

We had plans to go to Saltaire to the festival, as a friend was doing a craft fair in amongst it. I wanted to see her and give her a hug, she’s having a tough week. But this email freaked me out – I wanted to stay in bed.

VICTORY NUMBER ONE – I got out of bed, and got showered and dressed straightaway.

We drove to Saltaire, and the traffic was madness. Loads of roads were closed, and it was hard to find parking. The streets were crowded with people, and I was worried I’d run someone over. I started feeling terrible, and didn’t want to stay in Saltaire.

VICTORY NUMBER TWO – we parked the van and got out.

Walking through the crowds, we couldn’t find where we were meant to go. The streets were still swamped, we asked people where we were going and no one seemed to know. I wanted to just go home again.

VICTORY NUMBER THREE – we stayed until we found the craft fair.

After we’d seen her we decided to go and get some lunch. I didn’t know where to go, there were no accessible cafes nearby. All I wanted to do was go home, and get back in bed and eat a ham sandwich.

VICTORY NUMBER FOUR – we went to a pub for a pub lunch

These small victories are what people who feel the way I do at the moment need to grab onto – I could have done different things at all these four points, but I challenged myself. Even though I didn’t buy anything at the craft fair, or spend that long in Saltaire, I didn’t stay in bed. I’m congratulating myself for that.

2 Responses to “Small Victories”

  1. Lollylikesfatshion 15/09/2012 at 7:00 pm #

    It is so hard to push yourself out of your comfort zone but it is so worth it! Good going Lady! Hugs & best wishes & a ham sandwich for everyone 🙂 x

  2. Carmen 16/09/2012 at 10:53 am #

    Oh yes. Small victories are what make our world go round. Yours seem pretty big ones to me. x x x

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