Photo shoot day

27 Aug

Today it was the photo shoot for Kitsch-ina’s pinnies and aprons, with my jewellery. Anne-Marie Price did the honours again – as she’s a student at the college where Claudia works, and a good friend of us both, it made sense.

We found a model through twitter, weirdly enough. A lovely woman called Danielle came into the shop the other week, and I didn’t recognise her (and she didn’t introduce herself), but later that day we got chatting on twitter and realised who we both were. Later, she said she was looking for modelling work, and I thought she’d be perfect! She’s got a beautiful face, most importantly, with very dark hair, and a definite fifties look.

We also invited Sophie from the tearoom to model, as she has such a cheesecake face, and Laura and Anna came along to share models while we had them in the building. It was a funny old affair, with Claudia getting ridiculously excited and borrowing props galore, making us all tea and crumpets for breakfast, while Sophie’s mum and friend watched on excited and with pride.

The results will be posted soon, but in the meantime, here’s a photo of me (left) and Claudia, tucking into some of the mountain of cakes she brought along to model with.


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